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From: From Jessie's Fund •  Aug 10

Interactive music videos

Are you looking for a musical activity for children with additional needs? These interactive music videos, initially designed for sensory learners, can be enjoyed by all. You can see all four videos on our youtube channel 'JessiesFund'.
From: York Arts Education •  Jul 13

Hall of the Mountain King Illustrated

Hall of the Mountain King recorded by the York Youth Orchestra and illustrated by children from York primary schools.
Jul 13

If the world was ending

A harmony - filled cover of 'If the world was ending' by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels @maxrosenbops Buffy Breakwell @oscarthemagicman
From: Jessa Liversidge •  Jul 12


Learn to sing this fishy classic with Mrs L, who goes through the song line by line. The added bonus is making an ocean drum so grab a plastic container, some rice/lentils and some tissue paper and have a go!
From: Jessa's online students •  Jul 12

Oh river flow down, a virtual performanc

Please enjoy this lovely, calm song by Louise Blackburn, performed by students who have been continuing their singing and piano lessons online.
Jun 25

Take on me - ballad

A ballad cover of take on me by A-ha. Credits to maxrosenbops for the piano playing
From: Hawkulele •  Jun 15

Strum-along to Jason Mraz & Vance Joy!

Two essential songs for any ukulele player. Get ready to strum along to these classic songs!
From: Jessa Liversidge •  Jun 15

Compound time basics with Mrs L (1)

Learn to play, read and write basic patterns in compound time. Grab a wooden spoon and plastic bottle or pan lid, pens and paper and you're all set!
From: York Music Hub Zoom Choir •  Jun 15

One Candle - virtual performance

Members of York Music Hub Zoom Choir performing 'One Candle' by Andy Beck and Brian Fisher, put together by Jessa Liversidge, who leads the choir on Mondays at 4.15 - why not sign up and join us?
From: Hawkulele •  Jun 4


A LIVE STREAM of ukulele music! Go through Dream Baby, Hound Dog & Hey Soul Sister.
From: Accessible Arts & Media •  Jun 4

Accessible Arts & Media Online Sessions

An online playlist of our live and pre-recorded activities for learning disabled adults and young people. Choose from a range of sessions including Signing & Signing, Sensory Music, Messy Play, Movers & Shakers and Sensory Stories.
From: A live gig I performed •  Jun 4

Zak Parlby Live Streamed Jazz Saxophone

I'm a young saxophonist from Staithes and I performed at York Music Hub Festival last year was and meant to be doing it again this year with my quartet. As all my gigs have been cancelled I've done 2 live streamed gigs and this is my latest one.
From: Jessa and her online singers •  Jun 4

Lean on me and zoom highlights

A celebration of keeping people singing through lockdown....at home, in fields, and on zoom. Featuring 3 young singers from the area - well done Megan, Flynn and Isabella!
From: Arthur & Elsie Kay •  May 29

The #CoronaChins

As lockdown begins to ease further, the #CoronaChins reflect on Magic Moments in their fourth (and final!!) song. A comfortable retirement hidden behind face masks awaits... Stay safe folks! xx
From: York Music Centre •  May 29

The Final Countdown

A different take on the 80 rock classic by students of the York Music Centre.
From: Arthur & Elsie Kay •  May 29

The #CoronaChins

As lockdown begins to ease further, the #CoronaChins reflect on Magic Moments in their fourth (and final!!) song. A comfortable retirement hidden behind face masks awaits... Stay safe folks! xx
From: York Musical Theatre Company •  May 25

Offstage but online 2

Online concert with a huge range of musical theatre performances, from Mamma Mia and Follies to Heathers and Songs from a New World. Featuring some fabulous up and coming talent from Joseph Rowntree School and many familiar York theatre faces.
From: York Music Centre •  May 25


Performance of Palladio by members of the York Music Centre.
May 25

Megan Saunders and Dad

Drowsy Maggie
From: York Arts Education •  May 25

Senior Folkestra

York Music Centre - Senior Folkestra with a rendition of Three Around Three.
From: Jessa Liversidge •  May 22

All will be well

A soothing and uplifting song by Juliet Prager, recorded by Jessa in a field, using Acapella maker. You could sing along with one of the harmony parts, or stick to the drone - can you hear it?
From: Archbishop Holgate's School •  May 22


Clapping and singing for NHS as every Thursday in Osbaldwick, York
From: St Olave's School, York •  May 15

Holiday in Paris (Gillock)

Dreaming of a holiday in Paris? Allow yourself to be transported there by this beautiful rendition of Gillock's 'Holiday in Paris', performed by Fred during the St Olave's School Virtualosity Concert on Friday 15 May.
From: Williams family in lockdown •  May 15

Quarante Teens

Just dad and his musical lads looking to bring a bit of joy to people during the Coronavirus lockdown.
From: Archbishop Holgate's School •  May 15


Singing for NHS like every Thursday
From: Jessa Liversidge •  May 13

Open the world!

Learn to sing this catchy Alan Simmons song with tongue twisting lyrics and an uplifting message!
From: Hawkulele •  May 12

Strum to the Beat 2.

Learn new strumming patterns with this strum-along to a beat!
From: Hawkulele •  May 12

Strum to the Beat 1.

Learn how to develop your strumming confidence through a strum-along to different beats.
From: Williams family in lockdown •  May 12

Quarante Teens

Just dad and his musical lads looking to bring a bit of joy to people during the Coronavirus lockdown.
From: Hawkulele •  May 11

Top 5 best ukulele starter packs.

A list of the top 5 ukulele starter packs for summer 2020.
From: Archbishop Holgate's School •  May 11

Sofia Micheli Archbishop Holgate's School

O mio babbino caro
From: York Arts Education •  May 11

Senior Concert Band

A Rousing performance of Our House - very appropriate at this time!
From: East Cottingwith, with York pupils on drums, sax and trumpet. •  May 8

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree

We were meant to be playing at a village event tonight - that event was cancelled, so here's a flavour of what might have been!
From: Hawkulele •  May 8

The Bucket by Kings of Leon - a tutorial

Learn how to play The Bucket by the Kings of Leon - including a play along and riff explanation.
From: Archbishop Holgate's School •  May 7

Sofia Micheli Archbishop Holgate's School

Clapping for NHS in Thirkleby Way has become a weekly appointment. See you next week!
From: St Peter's School •  May 7

St Peter's School Boys' Barbershop

The Boys' Barbershop have continued weekly virtual rehearsals. Here is something they've been working on.
From: YPMVC, The Ryedale Voices and Harmonia •  May 6

Keep Singing

A choral response to the current Covid Lockdown, written by Richard Kay and recorded as a collaboration between The Ryedale Voices, York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir, Harmonia and The Scarcroft Parents Choir.
From: Elsie and Arthur Kay •  May 6

Maybe - The #CoronaChins

It’s a Wednesday (I think!) and The #CoronaChins have filmed another song to hopefully give you a lift. Please share if you think it will help someone you know through week 7 of lockdown... x
From: Hawkulele •  May 4

Learn to strum your ukulele.

Develop confidence and new strumming patterns in this step by step guide.
From: York Music Centre •  May 1

Wonderful World - Collier-Hield girls

Sisters experimenting to share a song with friends and family....
From: Flo Wakeling, Archbishop Holgates School •  May 1

Flo Wakeling

Flo is currently practicing hard for her Rock School grade 4 exam. This is Come together by The Beatles.
From: Jessa Liversidge •  May 1

Fuzzy fuzzy and friends!

Sing along to these simple songs using only notes in the pentatonic scale. Practise your hand signals and find your thinking voice!
May 1

Sofia Micheli Archbishop Holgate's School

During clapping for NHS yesterday, Sofia Micheli 12 years old was singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in front of our house in Osbaldwick.
Apr 30

Bryn Martin

Archbishop Holgate’s Y13 pupil, Bryn Martin, plays one of his Grade 8 piano pieces, ‘Remote Xianggelila’ by Ma Jinfeng and Zhang Nan.
From: Accessible Arts & Media •  Apr 29

Accessible Arts & Media Online Sessions

We've launched a series of online sessions and resources free to access for all ages. The sessions are a mix of sensory music, singing and signing, movement and sensory storytelling. Facebook Live Sessions: https://www.facebook.com/aamedia.org.uk/liv
From: Archbishop Holgate's School •  Apr 29

AHS Academy Youth Orchestra

A special remote performance from AHS Academy Youth Orchestra of one their favourite pieces 'Karakarook' composed by their fabulous conductor Diane Martin and this recording is dedicated to her.
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 29

4 chord progression.

Learn how the 4 chord progression works on LOADS of great songs. Play along as you build your confidence with the chord changes.
From: Phoenix Taylor •  Apr 26

That Sounds Like Noise

I have been working through my Rockschool 'back catalogue' under lockdown. This is my favourite RockSchool piece that I first learned in Year 6 and it was Grade 6.
From: Hawkukele •  Apr 24

Know your ukes & tutorial 2.

Learn about the different types of ukulele, before learn TWO songs!
Apr 23

Bugsy Malone

Couldn't let today go by without marking the fact that it should have been opening night of Bugsy Malone @ Grand Opera House
From: Phoenix Taylor •  Apr 23

BBC News Theme Tune Fun

Spicing up the BBC News Theme Tune with weatherman Owain Wyn Evans
From: Accessible Arts & Media •  Apr 23

Accessible Arts & Media Online Sessions

We've launched a series of online sessions and resources free to access for all ages. The sessions are a mix of sensory music, singing and signing, movement and sensory storytelling. Facebook Live Sessions: https://www.facebook.com/aamedia.org.uk/live Online Session Updates Sign Up: https://aartsmedia.typeform.com/to/QkCl8P Free Singing & Signing Resources: https://www.aamedia.org.uk/resources/level-1/
From: Jessa Liversidge •  Apr 23

Power in me!

Sing along to this school favourite by Rebecca Lawrence.
From: Kitty VR •  Apr 22

Kitty VR

Kitty VR is my 20 year old daughter, a singer/songwriter from Heworth. She recorded this song with her band literally a week before lockdown. Please enjoy and share with your friends x
From: Jessa Liversidge •  Apr 22

Junk Rhythms!

Grab some bottles, cans or tubs from your recycling bin and join in with this active rhythm session. Suitable for the whole family!
From: York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir •  Apr 21

Lily of the Valley

YPMVC have recorded a song from the comfort of their own homes during lockdown. Here they are singing along to their compiled recording of "Lily of the Valley".
From: The Ryedale Voices •  Apr 21


Malton choir The Ryedale Voices, led by accompanist Alison Davis and conductor Richard Kay, are continuing their rehearsals over Zoom. Here is a song recorded individually and compiled into a "virtual choir" track.
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 21

Ukulele tutorial 1

A step by step beginners guide to getting started on the ukulele. Tutorial 1.
From: Henry, Thomas and Eve Bate •  Apr 21

Bates Brass Trio

A performance of 'Covid-19' by Henry (trumpet), Thomas (baritone) and Eve (trombone). A trio written by Henry Bate for him and his siblings to play during isolation!
From: Julian, Kate, Arthur & Elsie Kay •  Apr 20

The #CoronaChins - This Is Me

The #CoronaChins are back again! Here is our family version of "This Is Me". Feel free to share if you think it will help brighten the start of another long week in lockdown. #KeepYourChinsUp x
From: Andrew Liversidge •  Apr 20

Hunter Gatherer bass cover

Rock God Academy regular Andrew has been working on a lot of music these past few weeks. He got a great response from Hunter Gatherer to his request for bass rabs.
From: Mr Lowe at Manor •  Apr 20

Music for Olympics - Live Creative Music

Live Creative Music Workshop with Mr Lowe #MakeMusicOnMondays #QuickfireMusicChallenge In this video Mr Lowe will give an introduction to the second Quick-fire Music Challenge
From: York Arts Education •  Apr 20

Big Band Project

Our last project before we all stayed at home!!!
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 19

Add smart instruments in GarageBand.

How to add “smart instruments” in GarageBand. ANYONE can start to make music with these simple steps!
From: Jessa Liversidge •  Apr 19

Songbirds Sessions

Singing teacher and performer Jessa Liversidge held an online concert as a taster for her Songbirds show, which was to be performed in York on 5th April. Wide range of songs, celebrating female musical icons from Barbra Streisand to Victoria Wood.
From: The Fearnley Family •  Apr 18


We joined in with the ode to Joy a thon yesterday - to an empty street but we didn't care! Music is live and well in the locked down Fearnley Houshold.
From: Tommy Smith from Huntington Secondary school •  Apr 18

Album by Tommy Smith

Album by Tommy Smith duo, yr 13 @HuntSchoolMusic.
From: Edon Taylor •  Apr 18

Cranial Contraption

I was due to enter my very first solo competition at the Harrogate Music Festival, but it was cancelled because of Coronavirus. This is me practicing my piece, Cranial Contraption.
From: Phoenix Taylor •  Apr 18

Purple Rain

I was due to be playing at a concert in Hornsea, run by the local music society. I was going to play an improvisation on Purple Rain - this was me practicing it last year.
Apr 18

Singing For All Easter Special

A singalong special for all the family - youngsters, parents, and grandparents can all get involved with this inclusive session.
Apr 17

The Stockdale Family

Part of #NYOdetoJoy, organised by the National Youth Orchestra. A rendition of Beethoven's 9th Symphony from our family and other young players from our local community.
From: AHS/Heworth/Lord Deramores •  Apr 17


Some young people in Heworth joining with the NYO performing the Ode to Joy.
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 17

GarageBand Tutorial 5

Learn how to add virtual keyboards to your music.
Apr 17

Phoebe, Year 4 Lord Deramores

Here is a bit of Bach - hope you enjoy it.
From: Phoenix Taylor - Archbishop Holgate's School •  Apr 17


I was due to play at the Harrogate Music Festival but it was cancelled at the last minute. This is one of the two pieces I was due to play.
From: Maggie Wakeling, Archbishop Holgates School •  Apr 17

Maggie Wakeling

Maggie is about a third of the way through her alphabet of musicals. Here is letter I.
From: York Arts Education •  Apr 17

Strings in Concert

Check out the string groups from York Music Centre
From: York Stage •  Apr 17

Songs from the Settee # 2

Doctor's Orders from the Broadway musical CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 16

GarageBand Tutorial 4

Learn how to add virtual instruments to your music. In this video, it’s all about the bass!
From: York Arts Education •  Apr 16

York Youth Orchestra

A Night at the Opera - performed at York High School - 30th November 2019
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 15

GarageBand Tutorial 3

Learn to add vocals and start to mix your music easily and successfully.
From: York Stage •  Apr 15

Heroes All Around

As part of our new weekly online concert “SONGS FROM THE SETTEE” we have started with this brilliant and highly poignant song “Heroes All Around” from Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens.
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 14

GarageBand tutorial 2.

Add another track to your recordings on GarageBand with confidence.
From: York Music Forum Big Band •  Apr 13

The Chicken Lockdown Recording Project

Members of YMF Big Band recorded their parts to this on whatever they have available (mostly phones/tablets). The audio files were then edited/mixed/mastered to create the final version - The Chicken (Jaco Pastorius)
From: Pavilion •  Apr 13

'Pavilion' playing at the Fulford Arms

Here’s a video of my band pavilion finishing a set at the fulford arms back when life was normal.
Apr 13

music compositions by Rowan Fearnley AHS (piano or harp)

a small collection of music written by me. originally written for harp but can be played on piano. feel free to share the music and sheet music with whoever you like.
From: Hawkulele •  Apr 13

GarageBand Tutorial 1

A quick guide to getting started on GarageBand. Create your first recording.
From: Group of friends •  Apr 13

For Good

We have all come together to bring some normality (and a little bit of musical theatre) to this crazy world.
From: Kiarra - year 7 student at Manor •  Apr 11

Kiarra Percival & family

Kiarra had the idea for the song to make every one think positive and smile during this difficult time on a Friday afternoon. She had created a basic chord and drum pattern for the chorus on GarageBand.
From: The Morter Family •  Apr 10

Lockdown Music Making!

Quarantine enforced music making from The Morters!
From: Huntington School •  Apr 10

Will Clark

A sneak preview of the biggest concert of the socially distant world! On Friday 17th April at 5pm open your doors & join together in playing Ode to Joy in a project organised by the NYO - all details of how to take part at https://www.nyo.org.uk
From: The Sound of Bronze youth gamelan ensemble •  Apr 10

What is a youth gamelan ensemble?!

This is what the Sound Of Bronze youth gamelan ensemble gets up to when we're not on lockdown. Get in touch with emily.crossland@york.ac.uk if you want to get involved in our lockdown activities next term.
From: AHS/Lord Deramores/Heworth •  Apr 10

Somewhere over the garden wall part 1...

A socially distant quarantine neighbourly sing and play along
Apr 10

Okay - Michael Corcoran

Okay Originally written for the Nickelodeon show 'victorious' and was beautifully sung by Elizabeth Gillies. Cover by oscar and maxrosenbops @oscarthemagicman @maxrosenbops
From: Maggie Wakeling, Archbishop Holgates School •  Apr 9

Maggie Wakeling

Maggie continues to sing her way through the alphabet of musicals. This is Letter F for Fame.
Apr 8

'Happy Day'

O playing his grade 1 piece, Happy Day
From: Elsie Kay and family •  Apr 7

(Isolation) Days - #CoronaChins

The Kay family chins are back to raise some cheer! We hope our song might brighten someone’s day...
From: Manor Y9 student Isa AD •  Apr 6

ThankYouToStudents iPad Music by Isa AD

Isa composed this piece by sampling her voice, spray bottle, finger click, Bible and phone taps & iPad drum kit
From: Mr Lowe at Manor •  Apr 6

ThankYouToStudents & Sampling Workshop

What does your house sound like? Live Creative Music Workshop with Mr Lowe #MakeMusicOnMondays
From: Mr Lowe at Manor •  Apr 6

Quick-fire Music Challenge Instructions

Live Creative Music Workshop with Mr Lowe In this video Mr Lowe will give an introduction to this first Quick-fire Music Challenge including helpful tips about playing the piano. This video is particularly aimed at beginners of any age.
From: Kate and Hattie Newton •  Apr 5

Swinging Singing

A Ukulele rendition of Riptide performed while attempting not to fall off the swings!
From: Maggie Wakeling •  Apr 5

Maggie Wakeling, Archbishop Holgate.

Maggie has set herself the goal of singing her way through the alphabet of musicals. This is letter B for Bring it on The Musical.
Apr 5

Lean on me

A Tribute to the wonderfully incredible bill Withers. He is in all of our hearts.
Apr 4

Bryn Martin

Bryn (Y13) of Archbishop Holgate’s School plays a Rockschool Grade 8 piece on electric guitar (Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake)
From: Mr Lowe at Manor •  Apr 4


For all ages. It’s time to get playing and improve your music theory understanding and your instrument technical skills. I challenge YOU!!! Be a leader. What’s possible with your instrument? #QuickfireMusicChallenge
From: Soundabout Music Workshops •  Apr 4

Soundabout Music Workshops

Here's my piano student Joseph playing 'Dudes Keep Struttin'' from 'Grooves for Piano Dudes' by Heather Hammond
Apr 4


My take on What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis Arranged, recorded, produced and performed all by maxrosenbops (very late at night) Video filmed and edited by maxrosenbops and Oscar Rosen
From: Huntington School •  Apr 3

Langtree family

Yesterday by the Beatles. Jack on piano and vocals is in Y13 and Rachael is an ex Huntington student in final year at LIPA.
From: St Olave's School, York •  Apr 3

Virtualosity Concert, 3 April

Mrs Craven, Head of Music at St Olave’s, has launched a virtual online concert series on Fridays called ‘Virtualosity’. The series was launched with a rehearsal on 26 March and the first concert for parents and pupils was held on 3 April.
Apr 2

Heworth School

Year 5 cellist playing Gavotte by FJ Gossec
Apr 1

Phoebe Burgess

Practising Kinderszenen No 1 by Schumann for tomorrow’s online lesson
From: York Music Forum Jazz Orchestra •  Apr 1

Great North Big Band Jazz Festival 03/20

A competitive Jazz Festival. YMF Jazz Orchestra awarded Outstanding Soloist (Isaac Burland - bass) and Best Section (our Rhythm Section).
From: Wigginton Primary School Singstars •  Apr 1

Jessa Liversidge

Wigginton Singstars performed this Alan Simmons song at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre choir festival on 14th March - this is a rehearsal recording, with a photo of the Wigginton School values.
From: Jessa Liversidge •  Apr 1

Field Sing part one - Lean on me

Sing along with Jessa, either in unison or creating your own harmonies! All videos of people singing along are very welcome.
Apr 1

Stephen Hawksworth

A ukulele LIVE FB event with the fabulous Will Grove-White from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Well worth tuning in for!
From: AHS Music •  Mar 31

AHS Unity Choir

AHS Unity Choir in their final rehearsal before schools were closed. They are practising 'Bye Bye Blackbird' by Ray Henderson.
From: Oscar Rosen •  Mar 31

When the party's over

3 of the Rosenwells singing a beautiful acapella cover of 'when the party's over' by Billie Eillish
From: Kate Newton •  Mar 31

Grade Piece performance

A rehearsal performance of The Reef by Walter Carroll.
From: Craig Brown •  Mar 31

Facebook post

From: Shepherd Group Youth Band •  Mar 31

National Youth Brass Band Championships

The Shepherd Group Youth Band were due to compete in the National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain on Saturday 28th March. Here's a performance of the set test piece, played three weeks ahead of the contest!